Femboy Gaming League Miharu Tshirt



So this is the first shirt I’ve made by myself, did the prep, the print and the pressing and the results I’m pretty satisfied with. Now because these shirts are a cotton/poly blend, the print only comes out at about 80% of the vividness of what it should be. If i could locally source some full poly shirts I would…alas.. one step at a time. This ones already a big one for me.

Anyways I hope you like it and the next ones to come cause I’ve put a crap ton of effort into learning how to do this.. and we wont even talk about the cost… lol

Oh two other notes, first if your wondering about that knee, i found there’s a spot on the heatpress that doesn’t seem to have enough pressure in it, so I’m going to move the print up slightly and make the print 14.5″ tall vs the full 15. Second these are unedited photos of a washed and dried shirt so this is as it will look in terms of color and blackness with the exception of my aforementioned error!

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