Will packaging be discreet? 
Yes! I use a plain mailers or boxes. Most of my customers prefer it that way so I shall continue to use them…

Where do you ship? 
Everywhere! well.. everywhere I can ship to from the US.. (IE i don’t ship to, most of the middle east & RU )

How long does shipping take?
From day of shipping, (I typically ship on Tuesdays unless other sated on social media) in the Conti US 3-7 days. Internationally 10-20 days. for example to the UK about two weeks. Germany 2-3 weeks Scandinavia around 3 weeks.. Iceland… yes I have customers in Iceland my dedicated femboy friends out there wait at least 3 week up to 4.

When do I get an email about my Order?
Honestly its kind of a crapshoot… some times my website sends the email sometimes it doesn’t, I haven’t figured out the issue yet.
If you need any updates or anything at all by all means please email me or shoot me a message on social media, I’ll be happy to give you an update!

I only got some of my order, where’s the rest?
There are some items that are made and shipped by a 3rd party. So for example if you got a panty pack, a hoodie, thigh highs and shoes lets say…
I personally send out the panties and thigh highs while they will need to make the hoodie and hoes first and then ship it out. So it will take a a week or so longer to get.


Can I return or exchange and Item?
Unfortunately with panties and lingerie, they can not be repackaged and sold for hygienic reasons, so I cant offer returns and exchanges. As for other apparel I still cant accept returns however what I do offer is a discount code to considerably lower the cost of the correct size or different design you would like.
Accessories and artworks are final sale items.


Do you make the items you sell?
Not most of no… I have my talents but sewing is definitely not one of them… I used a zip-tie to reattach a button once LMAO

Do you make the designs?
Yeah for the most part. All the graphic designs are mine.
Most of the artwork is commissioned by people that are way better at drawing than I am.. Though have a couple pieces here and there..

Where are your product made?
Well some are made here in the US, some are made CN, some are made in MX.
Without delving into too much politics so much of the world textile manufacturing is practically centered in China like most manufacturing anyways…
But anyways… While I am a proud American I only get so much made here and I can only keep your costs down if I can keep my costs down.